Boise Working Dog Training

Schutzhund and PSA Sports Enthusiasts



Training dogs requires a decoy, a track layer, an obedience watcher/spotter and a good attitude. One handler usually needs help of at least one more person. We focus on drive building for all phases of the training. 

We help each other with reaching our personal goals we have with our canines. Some of us trial in the IPO sport and lately we like to train for PSA titles as well. We participate in local trials and when an out of state trial is available, we participate in those as well. As a group, we don't hold trials as we are not affiliated with any organizations. Our dogs are trained to participate on strange fields

We try not to limit our dogs to the sport  routines. We believe in well rounded dogs that understand their job on the field and off the field. Our dogs are social, in family circles and around other dogs. We focus on adjusting the training to the particular dog's needs and provide the tools and expertise necessary to train the dogs in a proper way.